Vivid possums and Imogen’s farewell

One of my dear friends Imogen has joined the Big Brother team and she is being shipped to the Gold Coast for 6 months so we went out last night to celebrate her accomplishments and send her off with one last merry drink (well for another 6 months anyway).

Sydney is hosting the Vivid Festival at the moment; a celebration of art, culture, imagination, ideas and of course light.

The city came to life with bursts of colour turning buildings into living art. It was truly mesmerising and inspiring.

It makes me really proud to be a Sydney sider that Sydney plays host to something as unique as this.

Looking forward to the next one!

Oh… and here is a little photo of us. Okay so it’s not exactly the best photo but it is our way of paying homage to Vivid. We like to call ourselves the possums of Vivid.

Possums of Vivid

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