Discovering unsaturated niches – The brainstorming process

unsaturated niches and mind mapping and creative thought process

Finding a niche sounds a lot easier than it is. Finding an unsaturated niche is even more difficult.

I personally found this to be the most challenging task. At first I started to wonder around the Internet looking at what other marketers were doing. Don’t be afraid to do the same. It will give you the best perspective on what others are targeting out there and this also allows you to get a sense of what is ‘saturated’.

Some of my best niche discoveries have come from brainstorming products and services that I have actually used or would consider using.

The creative process behind finding unsaturated niches is like your bread and butter to making money online.

Think outside the box.

For example:

Have you recently purchased something really cool?
Has someone at work been talking about a gadget they have recently purchased?
Are there any services you are using online that excite you?
Look around your house. Is there anything that triggers an idea for a product, service or category you want to investigate?
Have your friends purchased something really strange online recently?
Do you have a hobby? Do you play a sport? Do you love to travel? Do any of these trigger an idea for a niche?

You get the picture….

This is how the creative process comes about. At least this is how you will most certainly uncover unsaturated niches.

I will often sit on my bed with a laptop and use an app like Mind Node to brainstorm. If you have never heard about the Mind mapping process then you are going to love it! It will help you very quickly map out a bunch of ideas for unsaturated niches. As I write this paragraph I just realised that maybe even Mind mapping is an untapped niche! I have too much work on to explore this potential niche but I hope that proves just how easy it is to come up with ideas. Quite often we talk about niches without even realising it.

All too often people rely on websites or services that pound out thousands of keywords. From time to time you will find a golden nugget amongst these service providers however realistically you are probably not going to feel as ‘connected’ to the idea if you don’t come up with it yourself.

Looking at all the different niches I have explored I would say the niches I felt most passionate about have made me the most money. Books like ‘The Secret talk about the law of attraction, trusting your inner voice and following your instincts. As wishy washy as that may sound, it has been the foundation to everything I do.

The other recommendation I would make is that you separate the ‘creative thinking process’ from your keyword research process. Of course your ideas may be saturated or not have enough search volume to make you any money at all but I have found that if you separate these 2 tasks you will be in a much better place. When you try and do both at the same time you will end up getting bogged down with analytics and this really dulls your creative senses.

I realise this post doesn’t exactly hand you unsaturated niches on a silver platter – but I hope that I have shared something more valuable with you.

Explore your creativity by using mind mapping processes and you will be astounded with your discoveries. And of course don’t forget to separate the creative mind map process from the keyword difficulty/search volume/analytics processes.

Think for yourself. Your life, experiences, friends and surroundings are the best source of inspiration for discovering untapped niches. Feel free to add comments if you have any questions.

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