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Trying to make money online is hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Over the years it has always been a dream of mine.

I tried. I failed. I tried again. And failed at least a dozen more times.

Don’t give up. I know, cliche right? Let me explain.

I have been sucked into every imaginable online adventure you can think of all in the hopes of learning how to make money online. I’ve purchased crappy E-books promising to show me the way, I’ve signed up to many webinars, followed successful bloggers and spent a lot of cash along the way to be let in on this ‘secret’.

The truth is they will never let you in on the secret. Those E-books, those courses, software packages and subscriptions are designed to make money for the seller; not you!

If you are spending money on any of these things, STOP NOW! You are wasting your efforts in the wrong area. It won’t get you anywhere.

My advice to you is to focus your time on discovering unsaturated niches, low competition keywords, brushing up on your technical skills such as blog building, creating graphics, brain storming on content ideas and of course learning all there is to know about up to date SEO. These are topics that I will cover in separate blog posts as time goes by. I am going to take a no BS approach to this blog. The content may not be perfect, but I assure you the essence of what I am saying will be real and based on my own successes and failures.

Why am I creating this blog? That is a damn good question. I have over 30 different blogs in my portfolio that form my own online money making strategy. Yet none of them are personal. I feel that I have enough experience now that I can contribute some unique information to those that are just starting out.

For now its back to the drawing board for me as I start to think about the different topics I will begin to cover.

But wait… you didn’t tell us how much you make George.

Yes. I suppose I did leave that part out. Rather than disclosing any specific amounts I can say with confidence that if you put in the hours, the time and the effort you can quit your job. Yes I’m sure you’ve heard that time and time again. But it’s real.

In the end, it’s a numbers game. Discover the right niches and your potential to earn can easily be in the 6, 7 or 8 figure range. More on that later.

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Social media is my first true love. I have a passion for online marketing and everything else in between. I like to share my knowledge regularly so please come back often. If you want to provide any feedback or new ideas then I would love to hear from you. Just add your comments below.

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