Social media signals will not help your SEO efforts. Period.

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2013 was the year when social media signals were all the rage. It was as if the entire SEO world had gone mad ramping up their efforts to increase Facebook likes, twitter shares and gain a larger presence on google plus.

We were led to believe by so called experts that boosting our social signal efforts would somehow correlate to an increase in rankings, trust and overall better position with google.

What absolute BS that was.

Of course much like many of you I gave it a go. Nothing could be further from the truth. For many weeks and even months I tested this theory by increasing social signals to my content to see what effect they would take on.

In the end I just concluded that social signals play no role in ranking content.

That’s not to say that organic social signals don’t hold value. They certainly do in the sense that they can drive traffic to your site. But don’t for one second assume that buying a bunch of social signals from fiverr is going to somehow miraculously boost your results. It never will.

If you are adamant on artificial social signals you need to understand that besides making your website look popular they hold no other value whatsoever. You are much better off focussing on quality content than you are with social media signals.

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